Our business consulting services provide you with guidance throughout the whole of your business’s lifecycle. We use deep understanding approach to understand your key business drivers, which enables us to provide advice and support at every stage.

We work with you to produce a detailed review of your business’s and identify operational and financial management improvements. Helping you make these recommendations a reality brings real value to your business. 

Business Valuation

Business Valuation is a complex process requiring broad knowledge of accounting, finance, economics, taxation, and financial analysis.  It requires a significant amount of informed professional judgment and careful consideration of the unique facts and circumstances of each business. 

We bring integrity, objectivity, and sound judgment to every valuation.

We are ready to assist you in the most complex valuation assignments. 

Business Plan

A credible business plan remains as the key to unlocking the doors of financing your business whether it be a startup enterprise or a going concern that is looking to expand its operations.

We aware that every business is unique, so every business plan is shall be different and the content may depend on whether it’s for internal planning and use, to apply for finance or seek investment or a combination of these or other reasons.

Our business plan writing service offers a uniquely bespoke and reliable service for both new and established companies.


Prepare for Exit

Think of everything you’ve done to make your business a success. We’re talking late nights and long meetings. Risks and investments. Seeing it through thick and thin.

You deserve a business exit worthy of that; one that rewards you fully and secures a good future for your company. That’s where AdrianYeo business advisory comes in. We can prepare your term sheet and business valuation for presentation to prospective buyers.

Financial Application Assistance

A business loan is specifically intended to set up a business or expand an existing one. As with all loans, a business loan also involves a debt creation, which is repaid with interest. Many Malaysian banks provide competitive business loans to help entrepreneurs grow their business and optimise their profitability.

AdrianYeo can assist business owners in completing a Business Plan (startup businesses) or a Loan Package (existing businesses in business for at least one year) in order to apply for a loan.  Our team is familiar with many banks and other lending institutions and can assist you in determining the best place to apply.


We offer customized financial consulting services to new and growing companies and nonprofit organizations, as well as senior level operations (CFO) expertise to help you grow and succeed.