AdrianYeo's external audit services go beyond ensuring that your company is compliant with the Companies Act and other regulatory requirements. Our approach is tailored to suit your needs and is based on developing a sound understanding of the business involving early identification of financial and business risks.

Our responsive approach is aligned to your needs and designed to help you identify and mitigate the key challenges and risks in your business, navigate the ever changing regulatory landscape, and keep your business on track.

Statutory Audit

 A statutory audit is a legal procedure to be done to review the accuracy of an organization’s financial statement and records. It is mandatory to conduct a statutory audit for government organizations to monitor and evaluate their performance.

Generally, the statutory report is prepared for the public. It helps to determine whether the company is providing a fair and accurate financial information to the public. The statutory audit examines information such as bookkeeping records, bank balances, and financial transactions. The statutory auditors are selected by the shareholders.

Voluntary Audit

A voluntary annual audit represents a quality-boosting alternative, which aims to increase the credibility of the declarations made in the financial statement and to ensure the reliability of the financial data.

Based on the needs analysis, we perform comprehensive voluntary audits, individually agreed upon audit activities or provide you with expert opinions. These provide a sound basis for your and your stakeholders’ future decision-making and ensure compliance with statutory requirements and contractual arrangements. In doing so, we take into account economic feasibility aspects and competitive costs.


Internal Control

Controls are integral to preventing or detecting business risks such as information security, business process, fraud, and privacy or confidentiality. A breakdown in a company’s processes and controls can have serious implications for its financial and operational success, and negatively impact its ability to meet customer expectations.


To ensure that your controls and processes are sufficiently mitigating risks, you need to design a robust controls framework or structure. At AdrianYeo, we have an experienced team in internal controls and internal audit. Our team can provide you with confidence that your underlying controls meet your business requirements – and ways to fix them if they are not.

Due Diligence

Due diligence provides you with a detailed insight into your acquisition target. The process involves conducting an investigation into the commercial, financial and taxation affairs of the target.

The scope of a due diligence engagement can be tailored so that it focuses on the areas which are identified as being of primary importance to you. Typically, due diligence engagements involve the review and verification of historical financial information, the review of taxation affairs, the identification and analysis of trends, the review of forecast financial information, the review of commercial factors and the review of information systems and internal processes.


Our flexible approach goes beyond traditional internal auditing because we provide you with the guidance you need to reinforce and enhance internal controls, manage business risks, improve business processes, meet compliance requirements, and implement best practices.