Month-End Closing

Many companies work with AdrianYeo because of our ability to act as a resource in various capacities even beyond the month end closing process.

Month-End Closing

Preparing for the month-end closing process requires accounts receivable, accounts payable, and billing and cash receipts among other financial data to be properly accounted for and recorded. For companies with robust accounting departments, it’s all part of day-to-day, but for those with fewer resources, it can be a very stressful time—every month. 

Month-end closing is a complex process that requires more than just accounting software. It’s important for standard journal entries and adjustments to be made, reconciliations to be completed, and variance analysis conducted, as well as completing the trial balance reviews and financial statement preparation. 

The reality is not all companies have the resources needed to manage this process effectively or efficiently which leads to extended delays. AdrianYeo’s month-end closing services help small businesses to reduce closing cycle delays and produce effective and timely financial reports for leaders of the organization.

Our month-end closing services include:

  • Reconciliation of balance sheet accounts
  • Posting of journal entries including manual accounting entries and accruals
  • Variance analysis of revenues versus expenses
  • Trial balance review
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Financial statement compilations

Reaching Us

Managing a business can be challenging enough without having to wonder if the tax planning process is on track. All businesses should work with a firm that can provide reassurance that they are in the best tax position possible. If you are looking for assistance tax planning and compliance, AdrianYeo can help. For additional information call us at +60 3-7802 3333 or request for a callback to speak to one of our audit managers.