Payroll Processing

AdrianYeo provides Payroll Outsourcing services to Malaysia businesses. We simplify and streamline the management of your contingent workforce.

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is an aspect of bookkeeping that requires the preparer to be highly diligent. Timely and accurate payroll processing is of high importance to remain compliant with tax regulations and maintain employee morale. 

AdrianYeo provides Payroll Outsourcing services to Malaysian businesses. We simplify and streamline the management of your contingent workforce. This gives an edge to our clients to save considerable bandwidth, resources & time spent on payroll processing.

The payroll services we provide include:

  • Setting up software master details that include name, address, filing status, number of dependents, applicable IRB Tax No, medical and dental insurance deductions, periodic salary rates or hourly wage rate, EPF, SOCSO, EIS and etc.
  • Employee master detail maintenance. We work with clients to obtain employee detail changes and update the payroll software.
  • Gather processing information that includes timesheets. We analyze HR records that include the number of sick days, days off, etc. and ensure employees receive compensation or deduct vacation days, etc.
  • Run the payroll cycle and provide clients with reports for final review
  • Upon client approval, we submit payroll and process pay slip delivery.
  • Ensure timely filing and compliance of returns that include withholding and unemployment.
  • Government statutory submission – EPF, SOCSO, EIS, PCB and HRDF payment and submission
  • Annual EA Form & Form E

Reaching Us

Managing a business can be challenging enough without having to wonder if the tax planning process is on track. All businesses should work with a firm that can provide reassurance that they are in the best tax position possible. If you are looking for assistance tax planning and compliance, AdrianYeo can help. For additional information call us at +60 3-7802 3333 or request for a callback to speak to one of our audit managers.