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Ensuring that you do not pay more real property gains tax than you have to is an essential part of successful tax planning.

Ensuring you do not overpay

Real property gains tax

Real property gains tax (RPGT) is a tax on chargeable gains derived from disposal of property. A chargeable gain is the profit when the disposal price is more than the purchase price of the property. 

You will be only be taxed on the positive net capital gains which is disposal price less the purchased price less the miscellaneous charges such as: stamp duty, legal fees, advertisement charges, etc. Additionally, a waiver on the taxable amount is granted to individuals (but not companies). The holding period is from the date on the S&P agreement till the disposal date. 

Real property gains tax 2019

Our team has years of experience in effective tax planning strategies to protect business and personal assets from the impact of Real Property Gains Tax. Through a mixture of knowing what deductions can be made in computing the taxable gain, we can make a substantial impact on the actual RPGT payable, whether the disposal has been made or is being considered, in order to achieve the most favourable valuations.

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