Tax rebate of RM20,000 for 3 year of assessments

Income tax rebate up to RM20,000 per year for the first 3 years for new Small and Medium Enterprises and Limited Liability Partnerships incorporated or registered in Malaysia and commenced operations during the period from 1.7.2020 to 31.12.2021, is now extended to 31.12.2022.

Qualifying company or limited liability partnership shall:

  1. Own by the company with paid-up share capital < RM2.5 million.
  2. Different premises from its related company.
  3. Shall not use the plant, equipment & facility of the related company.
  4. Employee (except CEO & director) is different from related company.
  5. Business is different from related company.
  6. Business is different from sole proprietorship.
  7. Not M&A with paid up share capital more than RM2.5m or revenue RM50m.

Documentation is downloadable here.

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