The Gateway to Business Digitalisation via 100 Go Digital by MDEC

100 Go Digital Coaching is part of MDEC’s continuous efforts to provide hand-holding support on digitalisation for SMEs. It is a series of coaching workshops helping SMEs level up their businesses via digital coaches, while benefiting from the adoption of digital technologies.

100 Go Digital is an initiative to enable traditional Malaysian businesses in key sectors moving towards digitalisation, improving efficiency and productivity, create new sources of growth, increase in revenue and savings in business cost.

MDEC works with businesses to resolve their business pain points across the ever-changing landscape of digitalisation.

3 keys benefits of business digitalisation:

  • Increase efficiency – Digitalisation of routine tasks and processes to enable businesses to reduce significant amount of time needed to complete tasks. This will free up employees to focus on more important tasks and increase overall efficiency.
  • Increase in sales – Digitalisation provides digital backbone that can assist businesses to become more innovative by discovering new business ways that will grow sales going forward.
  • Business cost savings – Digitalisation can give businesses a significant competitive edge over their competitors. By embracing new technologies and improving business processes, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and reduce business cost.

A series of coaching workshops to help business attain practical digital adoption guidance. The objectives are:

  • Assist SMEs to identify digital needs and solutions needed to increase their efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Provide hands-on and hand-holding guidance on the steps in adopting digital solutions in the SME business model.

    The programs are:

    • Weekly open day sessions for SMEs to obtain advice and basic information on digital business solutions.
    • Periodic mentoring program sessions to provide intensive training to help business owners to understand the preparations, processes and steps required in digitizing their business.

    Register for 100 Go Digital Coaching by choosing the one key digitalisation area to improve for business:

    • Digital Marketing & Sales
    • Electronic Point of Sales (ePOS)
    • HR Payroll System & CRM
    • Procurement
    • ERP/ Accounting & Tax
    • E-Commerce
    • Remote Working

      Learn more about 100 Go Digital here.

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