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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Due Diligence

All businesses need to conduct due diligence when approaching a merger or acquisition deal. This is vital to ensure you are fully aware of the context of the business you are merging with or acquiring.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Due Diligence

M&A Due Diligence is the process where a prospective buyer of a business delves into the seller’s financial status, contracts, customers and all other pertinent information to confirm the claims made by the seller and to have full awareness of the business you are considering merging with or acquiring. The goal of this process is to ensure the buyer is comfortable with the deal prior to the sale.

Why Conduct M&A Due Diligence?

There are many reasons why all businesses should conduct due diligence prior to an M&A:

  • Minimise risk by protecting yourself from fraudulent or disreputable companies and have a full understanding of the status of the business for sale.
  • Mergers and acquisitions involve a large amount of time and monetary investment. Ensure you are protecting this investment as you would with any other investment by conducting M&A due diligence.
  • Maximise the success of the deal by having all the information relating to the seller in order to identify any areas for improvement or possible alignment with your business/company.
  • Meet your compliance and due diligence requirements by ensuring you conduct thorough checks on all aspects of the seller’s business.

At AdrianYeo, we can tailor a package for your acquisition due diligence to meet your regulatory needs, either independently or as part of a comprehensive package.

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